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This free WMV converter will help you convert .wmv files to another video or audio format without losing quality.

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How to convert WMV files online

  • 1To start converting, select one or more WMV files on your computer.
  • 2Next, select the output file format from the list and click the "Convert" button.
  • 3After the conversion is complete, you can download your files in the new format.
Free WMV Converter

WMV (Windows Media Video)

The WMV file extension is used for Windows Media Video files. Windows Media Video is the name of a video encoding system developed by Microsoft for storing and broadcasting video information. The WMV file can be opened in most popular players and applications. WMV video is supported by any Windows operating system without installing additional codecs. WMV files support DRM, or Digital Rights Management, a copyright protection tool.
File type: Video
File extension: .wmv
Developed by: Microsoft
Initial release: 2003


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